The Man Who Hacked The Lotto

Prosecutors believe they have proof that a former information security director for a lottery outfit in Iowa, tampered with lottery instruments.
Eddie Raymond Tipton is the defendant on charges of buying a rigged Hot Lotto lottery ticket from a Seven Eleven-style shop in December of the year 2010. At the time, Tipton was the Director of I.T. Security at the Multi-State Lottery Association. His job, and state law, barred him from being able to play the lottery or claim any lottery prizes.
Image Source: Google Image – A system that generates random lottery tickets.
At a group discussion about Tipton’s arrest, authorities supported the premise that Tipton manipulated the lottery outcome. Court documents indicated that prosecutors suspect Tipton did tamper with lottery instrumentality… but they need proof that supports their theory. They believe that Tipton used his privileged position among the lottery association to access a secured area — where the random number-generating (RNG) computers are housed — and infected them with malware which granted him management over what the winning numbers would be.

Only two individuals at a time are allowed to access the room housing the computers. The room was lined with glass at that time and a video camera monitored it 24/7, 365. To avoid remote attacks and possible manipulation, these computers aren’t connected to an online network. Prosecutors believe that Tipton entered the space sometime in 2010 but it’s too difficult for them to tell exactly what he was doing, since the surveillance cameras recorded at only one frame per minute.
Four out of five people who have access to controls and the camera’s settings will testify they did not change the recordings. The fifth person is the defendant, it is a reasonable deduction to infer that the defendant tampered with the camera equipment to have an opportunity to insert a USB into the RNG tower without detection,” the prosecution stated.

Tipton pleaded not guilty to all of the charges against him and claims that tampering with the system isn’t viable.

Image Source: Google Image – Video footage shows a man purchasing the mystery Hot Lotto ticket. Authorities announced at a news conference that they have recognized him as Eddie Raymond Tipton, an information-security director for a lottery vendor.
About a month after the supposed tampering of the computers by Tipton occurred, that would be on or about December 23rd, a person was spotted at a local shop purchasing a Hot Lotto ticket which won the $14.3 million prize. The person in the video was recognized by authorities as Tipton but again, being an associate-level worker for an association administering lottery tickets, Tipton isn’t allowed to shop for tickets or claim lottery prizes.
For a couple of years, the winning ticket remained unclaimed. Then, just a few hours before its expiration, a corporation integrated with British Honduras declared the prize money via a brand new royal house professional. Tipton was charged with 2 fraud counts in January and he is facing a punishment of up to 5 years in jail and a fine of $750 to $7,500.

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