Google May Be Forced To Reveal Its Algorithm

The internet’s largest search engine provider, Google, has been asked to reveal its secret search algorithm — soon, the very core of Google may not be a secret anymore. In France, there is a law under consideration that would push the search engine leader (and all search engines) to unveil its greatest possession — the algorithm. The Financial Times has stated that the French federal government is creating a policy in the French Senate that could potentially force Google to release the information regarding the technique it utilizes to rate internet websites and display search results.
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Image Source: Google Image – The EU’s competition commissioner, is to say that the US group will soon be served with a formal charge sheet alleging that it breached antitrust rules by diverting traffic from rivals to favour its own services, according to two people familiar with the case.
The Upper House of the French Senate is expected to pass the law soon that would allow the French National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority to keep an eye on Google’s search and ranking practices. Recently, the Wall Street Journal circulated an article that laid out challenging accusations of the French Federal Telecommunications Regulatory Authority’s incompetence in testing Google for its ‘unjust’ lookup formula. Adding to this, is the fact that the functions of their search ranking algorithms have already shown they provide reasonable and nondiscriminatory outcomes. Google has the majority share of the search industry in France, and although this new law is not aimed at Google alone but ALL search engines, it does appear to be directed straight at Mountain View and Google.
“The authorities are well informed of the issues. It is a concern of guaranteeing fairness. [To] Too many businesses Google is viewed as bottleneck. The net is securing around Google.” –Catherine Morin Desailly, the seat of the Senate’s Culture, Education and Communications committee.
Image Source: Google Image – Revealing our algorithms — our intellectual property — would lead to the gaming of our results, which would be a bad experience for users. – Google Spokesman.
On the other side of the nation, the European Union maintains its harshness towards Google and is likely to accuse the lookup engine of dishonestly promoting its very own services. This step might damage Google in a big way and Google, obviously, is not too happy about it.
Financial Times further writes that this step must be observed, increasing bitterness for Silicon Valley in the European Union. In the past, American-based tech companies have been accused of taxation larceny, unethical business practices and much more. One of the most intriguing cases, was the idea of being ‘forgotten’ (or ‘removed’ from the web) which required Google to create an option for the people wanting to be forgotten.

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As previously mentioned, Google’s search engine algorithm is the core of Google, and they will most certainly be trying to find a way to avoid this law. This particular algorithmic rule is the secret to its popularity and impact. It is not clear how Google will respond just yet, but if they are unable to evade the law then they might very well cease search capabilities in France, the way it did in Spain last year as a result of some limitations.