More than 50 percent of the Internet users now use Facebook

Facebook has seen tremendous acceptability over the last decade. It is the most popular social networking site. The success of Facebook can be gauged from the fact that Orkut closed its operations last year and now Facebook is the undisputed champion of the Social Media world.
Out of the total population of 3 billion people who access the internet, 1.49 billion people access Facebook at least once a month. That is around half the population of the internet users. The number is so staggering that it is around 13 percent of the total population of the world!
The phenomenal growth of Facebook can be attributed to the multiple functions and modes through which Facebook can be accessed. It can be accessed as easily on a mobile device as it can be on a desktop or a laptop. There are more mobile Facebook users than the ones who access it over their computer. Off these 1.49 billion users, 65 percent access Facebook daily.
These numbers are reflected in the financial success of Facebook that earned revenue of US$ 4.04 billion in the previous quarter. It is an increase of 39 percent year on year basis. The largest chunk of the revenue of Facebook comes from advertisements. Advertisers have understood the potential of this social media giant and are trying to cash onto its success. With the widest reach that Facebook has, it gives tremendous opportunity to these advertisers to spread their wings globally and offer their products and services to the consumers worldwide.
Facebook is indeed the global social media giant. It is the single largest entity in the world that is accessed by around 1.5 billion people. Now that is even larger than the entire population of China which is 1.35 billion!