Anonymous Explains #OPDeathEater With Examples of Pedophilia Among UK Politicians

This video by a member of Anonymous is self-explanatory: it begins by naming the MPs who voted against protecting the witnesses to the alleged pedophilia going on in the UK, and then speaks a message that we should heed. Addressing David Cameron, it calls out his attempts at brushing the pedophile rings under the table by calling these allegations “conspiracy theories”.
Anonymous will not stand by and allow such abuses to continue unchecked.
Using information that is widely available on news reports, as well as  a report which had beenapparently collated from this blog, retrieved by FOIA requests apparently made by this individual. (my attempts to independently verify the claims have resulted in several  hits, but it should be noted that much of the list resulted in no legitimate hits, suggesting that much of this video’s list of politicians may simply be based on rumor, sensationalism and speculation. On the other hand, there is a real problem of politicians abusing kids as reported even by mainstream media sources, and a real effort to cover it up as I will cover later. If children were harmed and the mainstream media was covering up the majority of cases, I would be hard-pressed to ignore this source. So yeah, take it with a pinch of salt.)

The video explains in detail the reports and real cases of pedophilia that is allowed to occur among the UK’s media and political elite. Politicians and other individuals were apparently convicted and jailed for possession of “hardcore” child porn, “multiple sex attacks on children”, Sado-masochistic attacks against children, indecent assault on a 15-year-old boy, rape of a woman on her wedding day, threats to kill rape victims, rape of a 4-year-old girl, masturbation in front of children… These are but a few of the cases of pedophilia that were caught (as cited by the video),  and in some cases politicians have faced jail or had to resign… the list goes on for a fair bit longer, which would seem to prove that pedophilia is endemic to UK politics, and is no “conspiracy theory” as Cameron would claim. The sheer number of politicians that were caught suggests that the real number who have not is astronomically large, and the gamut of politicians involved span all the major parties, which would suggest that one is literally voting for pedophile A or pedophile B.
Pedophile rings doubtlessly exist among UK politicians, where Margaret Thatcher was involved in a cover-up for one of her associates…The video continues to detail recent events where pedophilia by politicians and media personalities are covered up by the police who have received dossiers of evidence proving guilt, and this is clearly the tip of the iceberg since MPs refuse to vote for more protection for whistle-blowers who fear being prosecuted by the UK’s Official Secrets Act.

Operation Death Eater is not just restricted to the UK; it is a global operation to uncover the pedophiles who have managed to obtain power, and a wake-up call to any who still trust them. Anybody can contribute information on politicians who engage in pedophilia would be greatly appreciated. They are not only dishonest, evil and corrupt… they are probably already being blackmailed by other politicians or corporate interests.