[Breaking] #OpNimr: Anonymous Strikes Saudi Government To Save A Teen Protester From Crucifixion

Ali Mohammed al-Nimr was a sixteen year old teenager when he joined an “anti-government” protest during the so-called  Arab Spring. For that, he has been sentenced to death by Saudi Arabian “authorities”. Yes, that’s his picture here:  

His death sentence is by no means an “easy” one either; no lethal injection, no rope, no firing squad and no, not even the usual Saudi/ISIS beheading (maybe) – relatively quick, if still (to varying degrees) painful methods of murder.
Instead, for the heinous act of raising an arm in defiance, he shall be killed the way Jesus Christ had been more than two millennia ago… for roughly the same reasons… via crucifixion.
After a person has had a spike jammed straight through his wrists and feet or legs, rending flesh and breaking bone, his agony has just begun.  The Saudi sun burns the victim’s flesh, and thirst takes hold.
The body’s muscles are constantly burning, trying desperately to prop the body up. Position two tables at arms-length apart and attempt to hold yourself off the ground. Last a minute? Two? Good job. Try forever.
When his strength gives out, his arms get torn from their sockets. The will to live eventually leaves the person, and some doctors believe that there is a”voluntary surrender of life” where the mind voluntarily kills its body to end the suffering. This is a death I could barely wish for a mass-genocidal maniac. For a “crime” committed as a teen though? Unforgivable.
Crimes are punished in the most brutal manner in Saudi Arabia… The rich monarchy needs to keep everyone in line… and the effects this brutality has had on crime is debatable. However, this case being served against a TEEN is more despicable than normal; after-all, he will serve as an example to those who dare rise against the government.
Al-Nimr’s final appeal has been dismissed. His death could come at any moment.
Campaigners have accused the government of targeting the man simply because of his family’s prominence as a lone and disparate opposition; his uncle, a well-known Shi’ite campaigner. Sheikh Nimr Baqr al-Nimr was also sentenced to death. For “terrorism” and… “waging war on God”.
Amnesty International wrote a report detailing how he had been denied a lawyer, how he had been tortured. Reprieve, a charity that seeks to put the death penalty to death, stated that he had been forced into signing a confession in 2012… while he was still 17 years old.
The UN would not tolerate this. The People cannot tolerate this.
Anonymous did not tolerate this.
“Thousands of people die each year because of the Saudi Arabian government and they will now be punished for their actions. We do not forgive, we do not forget. Expect us.”
When the Saudi government refused to heed the warning, Anonymous took down all the Saudi Arabian government websites.

http://t.co/IIkzD09vxE – #TangoDown #OpNimr #FreeNimr all saudi government websites going offline, #SaveNimr pic.twitter.com/gcKX9yrScJ
— OpNimr (@OpNimr) September 26, 2015

   Attacks are continuing, and Anonymous’s efforts have brought attention to this man’s plight, and inspired others to take up the fight by other means; Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the UK Labor Party wrote a letter to the Saudi government.    

So successful and complete were the attacks that even ISIS wanted to claim credit for it.

So successful and complete were the attacks that even ISIS wanted to claim credit for it.

If Saudi Arabia does crucify Nimr, I hope the government enjoys issuing its future decrees of death with a pen and paper.

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