Manning Threatened With INDEFINITE Solitary Confinement Over Expired Toothpaste

These bas****s are really looking for any excuse they can to torture whistle-blowers. Perhaps they hope to set the precedent for any future conscientious objectors, preventing the truth of the evil that they perpetuate from ever reaching our ears.
It seems Chelsea Manning had “prohibited reading material”( HOW the hell does a gal in maximum security obtain anything “prohibited”?? And how the heck is reading material something you could prohibit??) and could face ANOTHER life-changing bout of solitary confinement. Perhaps this next one will make her think she’s an African Elephant, so horrific is this sort of psychological torture.
Other “infractions” Chelsea was responsible for included, shudder, attempted disrespect (how? Just how?), medicine misuse relating to expired toothpaste( TOOTHPASTE! How is using expired toothpaste a crime? She was saving you money!) and disorderly conduct for pushing food onto the floor (how about accidentally dropping a piece of meat? Betcha that counts if you’re a whistle-blower!)
The penalty for these HEINOUS crimes: a maximum of INDEFINITE SOLITARY CONFINEMENT. Yeah. This is obscene.
The prohibited reading material apparently includes a Vanity Fair Magazine with the athlete formerly known as Bruce Jenner on the cover. Seriously, if the LGBT community can get up in arms over a male student who identifies as a woman wanting to enter a female toilet, imagine the kind of trauma Chelsea is going through in an ALL-MALE prison… Though admittedly the prospect of solitary confinement for her entire 35 year sentence is probably EVEN WORSE. Yet the mainstream media never seems to address that concern…
Her attorney, Nancy Hollander had this to say:”I think it’s harassment. It appears to be an attempt to silence her. Chelsea writes quite a bit. She is vocal. Certainly its not a national security issue.”

Nancy has it right, but I reckon they were doing more than that, it was not only a threat designed to silence her; they were trying to gauge the public backlash they would receive as a result, and if it were insufficient, they would have her in solitary confinement in a heartbeat.
Thankfully, the American People fought back with a petition of more than 100,000 signatures. The authorities decided not to go through with the punishment, despite finding her “guilty”  of ALL FOUR charges. They were clearly spelling it out to her… that if they wanted to, they could have her put through the horrific ordeal that she had to go through at the beginning- only for 35 years this time.
“I was found guilty of all four charges at today’s board; I am receiving 21 days of restrictions on recreation – no gym, library or outdoors,” announced a tweet sent from Manning’s official Twitter account, @xychelsea.
There should have been a million signatories though; but with just a hundred thousand, you the People have pushed them back. That is why information, and caring about issues like these is so important. The authorities would have more of us numbed to this, but I say we should keep fighting.
Source: ReutersGuardian