The Legacy of The Man Who Predicted 9/11 Ten Weeks In Advance & Was Shot 8 Weeks After 9/11

A man by the name of William Cooper died shortly after the 9/11 catastrophe. It was a catastrophe that has led to the current state of affairs that we are witnessing today. With the war-front on all sides… from invading states in the name of liberal democracy, to the recent state of emergency declared on hackers… the world is invariably changing with dramatic speed.
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William Cooper tried to warn us about the nature of these events through his radio programs, his writing, and his investigation. Cooper was a member of the naval intelligence when he was but a young man, and was reared in a military family; he lived on bases with his father for most of his adolescent life. A self-declared pro-establishment guy, Cooper, after years of combat and serving with intelligence on a submarine, witnessed a disc-shape rise from the ocean. This conflicted with the laws of physics as he knew it. This was in 1966. Post-birthing at the submarine base at Pearl Harbor, he and the other crew were debriefed, told never to speak of what they “never saw” or face massive consequences and imprisonment. It was then that Cooper learned of the culture of secrecy in the military, and the severe consequences that could be placed around his neck for speaking about its secrets.
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Shortly after, he was run off the road in an accident that resulted in the amputation of his leg. The people responsible even visited him in hospital, warning him to keep quiet. It was then that Cooper realized that he had to protect himself if he was to uncover the truth, a truth that he suspected existed within government facilities. From UFOs to government cover-ups, and from hidden cancer cures to terrorist attacks, he understood the risks this entailed.
In the late 1990s, after establishing CAJI, at one point the largest global civilian intelligence gathering organization in the world, the government began harassing Cooper by any means they could: tax evasion and bank fraud… accusations that were never substantiated. In contrast, banks gave William Cooper a glowing report: he paid his bills early and had no debts. But, eventually, Cooper was forced to send his wife and family into hiding as he fought the trumped-up charges. President Clinton, at the time, placed him on the File Gate list: a list of people who were deemed a threat, a list that involved questionable surveillance on these “threats”.