The Message From The Lungs: A Shocking Ad Inspiring Smokers To Quit

The Thai Health Promotion Foundation, along with experts from the faculty of medicine at Chulalongkorn University and advertising agency BBDO, created the world’s first ink made from smokers’ lungs. The scientists extracted black substance from smokers’ donated lungs and made it into ink. Then bottled and distributed it in public spaces. The warning message from inside the body was put on display for smokers to see and convince them to quit sooner.

The shocking yet powerful anti-smoking campaign was successful in spreading the message – how smoking can harm lungs and bodies, and why smokers must quit before it is too late. This ‘message from the lungs’ was shared by over 100,000 people across social media, and has since become an anti-smoking phenomenon in Thailand. Thai Health Promotion Foundation’s quit smoking program’s participants increased by 500% compared to last year.