Hungary Builds Massive Razor-wire Fence To Stop Refugees

Hungary was never in the limelight for very much. Unfortunately, its recent actions with regards to the Syrian refugees who seek safe passage through its borders have brought it more attention than it could have ever bargained for.
From a journalist who kicked and tripped a Syrian refugee and a child… to terrible gulag-style detention facilities where refugees are detained as though they were prisoners and get food tossed to them as though they were animals… and even new laws that mean REAL imprisonment for refugees… Hungary has lost any respect I had accorded it for freeing itself from the IMF in 2013.
Now it’s building gigantic fences with razor wire to keep refugees out, with armed guards standing watch.
Doing business with the Hungarian government is proving to be bad publicity, after the above revelations, and some self-respecting human-rights-respecting companies have decided not to do business with it- NOBODY wants to see a refugee hurt by one of their own products… let alone deal with the fallout from having their logo prominently displayed in the front-page photograph of the  incident.
In one case, a company that manufactures razor wire turned down a VERY lucrative contract to supply Hungary with 500,000 Euros worth of wire.
“Hungary is misusing the nato wire. Mr. Orban takes it in stride that people could hurt or even die from it. (Razor) wire is designed to prevent criminal acts, like an intrusion, from taking place. Fleeing children and adults are not criminals,” said the owner of the Berlin-based company named Mutanox (catchy). His employees wholeheartedly supported his choice.
The CEO of another German company (under the condition of anonymity) said, “Children, caught in the wire, is a disgrace.” It too had taken the moral high-ground by refusing to supply the dangerous fencing.

It would certainly be nice if larger corporations were to actively boycott certain governments by refusing to serve or sell to them, particularly when the intent is to harm the lives of innocents. Hungary might be the villain of today, but I can certainly imagine how awesome it would be if a certain super power stopped receiving hell-fire missiles because they might be used to massacre civilians
Who am I kidding? In just as many cases it’s the corporations which are goading governments into human-rights violations… but I digress.
This refugee crisis has brought the ugliest out of people, and I would like to say that it has also shown some of the best. However, every example trotted out before me seems to be an ever-evolving shade of grey; an Egyptian billionaire intends to buy a Mediterranean island to house the refugees… noble, yes? His home country of Egypt continues to provide very poor conditions for the refugees who went that way, “encouraging” them to head towards Europe… the cynic in me tells me that this billionaire could have done something about THAT before buying an entire island in order to export his “troubles” away.
Syrians were one of the nicest people, and accepted the fourth highest number of refugees before their civil war. As I watch the actions of its neighbors, the US and the EU… I feel dismay.
There are those who abuse refugees (Hungary) and build massive razor wire fences to skewer the children, those who officially do not accept so that they can pick out the skilled labor (Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates) while condemning the old, the young and the sick should make a perilous journey to Europe, those who accept many but call them “guests” rather than refugees so that they do not have to afford the Syrians human rights (Turkey)…
And those who funded the rebels who became ISIS ( Saudi Arabia)… and those who armed them (the US)… and  those who allowed ISIS free passage through its borders (Turkey).