Albanian Hackers target serbian sites

In the 103 anniversary of independence Albanian hackers attacked several Serbian site, among them the official website of the Ministry of Mining and Energy of Serbia, the Serbian state's official website and some other sectors of the Serbian state activities. Hackers have posted images Ismail Qemali , Adem Jashari, Isa Boltini and Ballist Morina . The group that carried out the attack was identified as "Kosova Hackers Group".

Also the group of hackers managed to block and the main website Serbian state, which is currently blocked. Also in the Albanian hackers Serbian websites are ridiculed and table presenting the qualifications for Euro 2016, where the table shows the inscription "Dont


Hacktivists claim ISIS planning attacks in Paris, US, other worldwide locations for this Sunday

Hacktivists associated with the Anonymous collective claim they have uncovered Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) plans for Sunday attacks in Paris, as well as the US, Italy, Indonesia, and Lebanon.
A report was published online on Saturday confirming that Anonymous has allegedly identified three “at risk” events in Paris, including a demonstration by Collectif du droit des femmes, a women’s rights group; concerts by Cigales Electroniques with Vocodecks and RE-Play & Rawtor; and an event called Concrete Invites Drumcode featuring Adam Beyer, Alan Fitzpatrick, and Joel Mull.
The online document said the women’s rights rally had been canceled as demonstrations are now banned in Paris, and that the event at the Concrete nightclub had been “probably canceled.”
The report also mentioned “unconfirmed” threats at the WWE Survivor Series event in Atlanta; Feast of Christ the King celebrations in Rome and worldwide; an event in Indonesia called Al-Jihad: One Day One Juz; a concert by Five Finger Death Punch in Milan; and University Pastoral Day at the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik in Lebanon.
The hacktivists said the information was received from “several pro-Daesh [IS] accounts,” and that the attacks were all meant to take place November 22.
“This is a warning to anyone going to any of the events listed below or going to any event with a lot of people, church services included – but the risk of any churches outside Paris/France being targeted is low,” the collective wrote in the report.
They said they shared information on the attacks with “official authorities” days ago but decided to take matters into their own hands after governments failed to act on the information.
“All proof was submitted to official authorities all around the globe days ago. They have it and it is their responsibility to do something with it. But because they have not done anything with it yet and it’s almost the 22nd, we have taken matters into our hands...” the report states.
Those responsible for the report told the International Business Times that they had passed proof of the possible attacks to the MI5 intelligence agency in the UK, the CIA and the FBI in the US, and the Australian government. However, they said they had no intention of releasing the proof publicly.
Meanwhile, the Anonymous Twitter account @YourAnonNews later tweeted that the group did not “spread any rumors”about possible ISIS attacks.
Because Anonymous has no leadership, no action can be attributed to the collective as a whole. The group is instead a loosely associated international network of hackers and activists. 
FBI officials told ABC affiliate WSB that it was taking the Atlanta threat “seriously.”
The director of the Georgia Emergency Management Agency, Jim Butterworth, also told the station that his agency “is working closely with the FBI, the Georgia information sharing and analysis center and others in evaluating the threat on a Sunday WWE event in Atlanta reported by the group Anonymous.”
Anonymous declared “total war” on IS following the deadly attacks in Paris that left 130 people dead and 352 injured earlier this month. It vowed to “launch the biggest operation ever” and “hunt down” every supporter of IS online.
The group has released a guide for those looking to take part in the operation, which has already identified tens of thousands of Twitter accounts believed to be associated with the militant group. It has also managed to knock some suspected websites offline.


Anonymous Hacking Group Takes Down 20.000 ISIS Twitter Accounts

Anonymous Hacking Group Takes Down 20,000 ISIS Twitter accounts

In the wake of horrific terror attacks in Paris, the online Hacktivist group Anonymous last week declared "total war" against the Islamic State militant group (ISIS) that claimed responsibility for the attacks.

While French, Russian, and US military are bombing ISIS from the sky, Anonymous members from all over the world are carrying out their very own cyber attack campaign, dubbed #OpParis, against the terrorist organization.

Anonymous has claimed to have taken down 20,000 ISIS-affiliated Twitter accounts in order to take revenge from ISIS for the deadly Paris attacks on November 13.

Anonymous Took Down 20,000 ISIS-affiliated Twitter Accounts

In a YouTube video posted on Wednesday, the group said:
"More than 20,000 Twitter accounts belonging to ISIS were taken down by Anonymous."
The group has provided a list of all the Twitter accounts that have been taken down.

On Tuesday, the hacktivist group claimed to have successfully taken down more than 5,500 pro-ISIS Twitter accounts from the Internet.

In the latest video provided by Anonymous, a spokesman in black behind the group’s signature Guy Fawkes mask said:
"Hello, citizens of the world. We are Anonymous. It is time to realize that social media is a solid platform for ISIS’s communication as well as neutering their ideas of terror amongst youth. However, at the same time, social media has proved it is an advanced weapon. We must all work together and use social media to eliminate the accounts used by terrorists."

Hey ISIS! We Will Hunt you Down from The Internet

ISIS' most interesting aspect is how it leverages the enormous power of social media platform to radicalize young people, spread its message around the globe, recruit foreign supporters to its fight and shock people into taking notice of its actions.

So, taking down the ISIS' social media presence is the real key to defeating the terror group, and it does make an impact at worst.
"ISIS, we will hunt you and take down your sites, accounts, emails and expose you. From now on, there is no safe place for you online. You will be treated like a virus, and we are the cure," the spokesman said in the video message.


Last week, when Anonymous declared war against ISIS and warned it of launching their "biggest operation ever" against the terrorist group, ISIS militants called Anonymous – "IDIOTS".

However, on the other side, the terror organization started spreading instructions through its affiliated official channels on Telegram on how to prevent getting hacked by Anonymous. This shows that ISIS knows the capability of Anonymous.

In the past, hackers and organizations associated with Anonymous brought down websites allegedly connected with ISIS and took down thousands of ISIS accounts, disrupting their social media recruitment efforts.


Putin Exposes 40 Countries That Finance ISIS

Russian President Vladimir Putin claims that the ISIS terrorists are receiving funding from at least 40 countries, including G-20 members. After the just-concluded G-20 meet in Turkey, Putin told reporters that he shared Russian intelligence data on Islamic State financing with his G-20 colleagues:
I provided examples based on our data on the financing of different Islamic State units by private individuals. This money, as we have established, comes from 40 countries and, there are some of the G20 members among them. This topic (the war on the terror) was crucial. Especially after the Paris tragedy, we all understand that the means of financing terrorism should be severed. “

#Putin#ISIS income comes from #oil trade. I showed my colleagues satellite images of endless truck columns. #G20
— Russia Direct (@Russia_Direct) November 16, 2015
Putin also spoke of the illegal trade in oil that helps the Islamic State earn huge amounts of revenue:
“I’ve shown our colleagues photos taken from space and from aircraft which clearly demonstrate the scale of the illegal trade in oil and petroleum products. The motorcade of refueling vehicles stretched for dozens of kilometers, so that from a height of 4,000 to 5,000 meters they stretch beyond the horizon.”
Claiming that the United States had changed its stance on cooperating with Russia after the Paris terror attacks, Putin said:
“We need to organize work specifically concentrated on the prevention of terrorist attacks and tackling terrorism on a global scale. We offered to cooperate (with the US) in anti-IS efforts. Unfortunately, our American partners refused. They just sent a written note and it says: ‘we reject your offer’. But life is always evolving and at a very fast pace, often teaching us lessons. And I think that now the realization that an effective fight [against terror] can only be staged together is coming to everybody.”
He also blasted the Western criticism of Russia’s actions in Syria:
“They’re afraid to inform us on the territories which we shouldn’t strike, fearing that it is precisely where we’ll strike; that we are going to cheat everybody. Apparently, their opinion of us is based on their own concept of human decency.”
ISIS is your fault: Putin tells America
In 2014, when American President Barack Obama named ISIS, Russia and Ebola the three major threats to US national security, Putin took much offence to being placed in this list – next to a terror organization and a disease. Reacting strongly to the statement, he told a US journalist:
“Well who on earth armed them? Who armed the Syrians who were fighting with Assad? Who created the necessary political climate that facilitated this situation? Who pushed for the delivery of arms to the region? Do you really not understand who is fighting in Syria? They are mercenaries, mostly. Do you understand they are paid money? Mercenaries fight for whichever side pays more. So you support them, arm them and tomorrow they join ISIS… Do you think the USA doesn’t know who is buying the oil? Is it not their allies that are buying oil from ISIS? “
Though the video was filmed at the Valdai International Discussion Club in late 2014 and went viral earlier this month, it is again making the rounds in the aftermath of the Paris attacks and after the United States had a change of heart and sent its warplanes to attack hundreds of trucks – for the first time – that ISIS has been using to smuggle the crude oil it has been producing in Syria. FYI, the Islamic State makes an estimated $50 million a month from selling crude from captured oilfields in Iraq and Syria.


How Dangerous Is The USA?

The USA is the world’s only superpower. Armed with weapons of mass destruction and a history of committing some of the worst crimes to humanity, how far will the USA go to maintain economic, political and military dominance?
Transcript of the video:
In 2014, the United States of America was officially named the country that posed the greatest threat to world peace. A poll by research association Gallop International questioned 66,000 people across 65 countries and found that more people voted the USA as a bigger danger to world peace than Afghanistan, Iran, North Korea and Pakistan combined. Since the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1991, the USA has been the world’s sole superpower. Today it possesses weapons of mass destruction including over 5000 nuclear warheads, and chemical and biological weapons. In 2011, the U.S. spent $700 Billion on their military resources. This amount equals the total of the next 14 largest military expenditures.
With the USA’s position as the world’s leading economic and military power set to be unchallenged, perhaps we should all ask ourselves: “How dangerous is the USA?”
Despite the fact that congress last officially declared war in 1941, since World War II, America has been engaged in more wars than any other country. War is fundamental part of the USA’s political strategy for world domination. Since the country was founded in 1776, it has been in war for more than 93% of its existence. America’s extensive military resources mean that it’s able to invade smaller countries for unlimited access to their resources. In 2003, the U.S. invaded Iraq under the assertion that the country possessed weapons of mass destruction, but in 2007, the former head of US military operations in Iraq,General John Abizaid admitted that the US’ real motive for the invasion was to access Iraq’s massive oil reserves, so that America could remain a self-sufficient nation. The USA’s justified use of militarized force has erupted since the infamous terrorist attack on New York’s Twin Towers. Just days after the 9/11 attack, congress passed an authorization for use of military force on global terrorism. Because of this authorization, the U.S. is currently engaged in secret wars across 134 countries. Details of these international special operations are classified, it is known that they involve combat, missions and training foreign forces. So far America is the only country to have deployed nuclear weapons during warfare.
In 1945, the USA destroyed Japanese cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki killing an estimated quarter a million people, not just to force Japan into surrendering, but to strategically gain political and diplomatic advantage over the Soviet Union in the postwar settlement in both Asia and Europe. America’s reputation for testing out new weapons on civilian populations was also highlighted during the last decade of the Vietnam war, when America attacked civilians with newly developed toxic weapons including napalm and Agent Orange throughout the 60s and early 70s. More than 4 million Vietnamese people were exposed to the deadly herbicide. The chemical caused serious illnesses, which are still evident generations later. At least 150,000 newborns suffered from deformities caused by the chemical. A total of 50% of the death during the Vietnam war were civilian due to the extensive bombing and firepower directed towards heavily populated areas. As well as over warfare, the USA have a ruthless history of puppeteering world politics to their own advantage by supporting and engaging in plots to overthrow foreign leaders. In 1961, the CIA were involved in supporting the assassination of a democratically elected leader, prime minister of Congo, Patrice Lumumba. Meanwhile, Cuba’s counterintelligence agency estimated that the CIA plotted 638 assassination attempts against their communist Prime Minister Fidel Castro.
Most recently, the USA’s involvement in the Middle East has led to the rise of terrorist group ISIS, which is intent on violently installing a global Islamic state. According to Guardian columnistSeumas Milne, the rise of the terrorist group came as the direct result of the war in Iraq.
With a rising threatening ISIS and America’s fight in the war against terrorism, the dangers of the USA’s ruthless pursuit to maintaining its position as a global superpower can not be ignored.


THE END OF ISIS? Russian Airforce Just Destroyed ISIS’ Main Financial Source: 500 Oil Trucks

A day after admitting a terrorist attack brought down a Russian passenger jet over Egypt last month, killing all 224 people on board, Russia announced its warplanes will attack any tanker trucks travelling through territory belonging to the Islamic State in Syria. Within hours it was revealed that, in order to cut off the terrorist group’s biggest source of income, Russian Air Force had destroyed around 500 ISIS fuel trucks transporting illegal oil from Syria to refineries in Iraq.
“Today a decision was taken according to which Russian warplanes are now flying on a so-called ‘free hunt’ against tanker trucks carrying oil products belonging to terrorists in areas controlled by IS. In recent years, Islamic State and other extremist groups have organized the operations of the so-called ‘pipeline on wheels’ on the territories they control. In just the first few days, our aviation has destroyed 500 fuel tanker trucks. This has considerably lowered the ability of the militants to illegally export energy products and their income from contraband oil,” Russian General Staff spokesman Colonel General Andrey Kartapolov was quoted as saying by Russian news agencies.
Kartapolov displayed images showing convoys comprised of hundreds of vehicles transporting oil to back his assertion.
Earlier this week, United States warplanes for the first time attacked hundreds of trucks that the extremist group had been using to smuggle the crude oil it has been producing in Syria. According to an initial assessment, 116 trucks were destroyed in the attack, which took place near Deir al-Zour, an area in eastern Syria that is controlled by the Islamic State.
Hundreds of thousands of tons of fuel have been delivered to Iraq for processing by trucks and the revenue generated from these illegal exports is the one of the terrorists’ main sources of funding, Kartapolov added.
Figures from oil workers in Syria and Iraq along with Western intelligence estimates suggest up to 40,000 barrels are being produced every day in ISIS-held territory. Last month it was revealed ISIS was making more than £320million a year from oil. This wealth has allowed the group to flourish regionally and internationally.


Anonymous Takes Down 5,500 ISIS Accounts After ISIS Calls Them “Idiots”

Anonymous’ biggest operation ever is in full battle flight. #OpParis, the largest Anonymous campaign has so far successfully taken down 5500 social media accounts related to the terrorist group ISIS 24 hours after ISIS called Anonymous “idiots.”
The Anonymous vs ISIS showdown is only the beginning, with Anonymous vowing to wipe the Internet stage of all ISIS activity, rendering ISIS impotent of their recruiting network online.
It comes at a time when Anonymous calls for world unity against ISIS. “Our capability to take down ISIS is a direct result of our collective’s sophisticated hackers, data miners, and spies that we have all around the world. We have people very, very close to ISIS on the ground, which makes gathering intel about ISIS and related activities very easy for us,” Alex Poucher told RT.
The actions from the elite group of Anonymous members have also drawn attention from retired Army General, David Petraeus. In a Foreign Policy report, he commented that these actions and other intelligence recovered could have “considerable value” to counterterrorism operations.
“To date, hacktivists claim to have dismantled some 149 Islamic State-linked websites and flagged roughly 101,000 Twitter accounts and 5,900 propaganda videos. At the same time, this casual association of volunteers has morphed into a new sort of organization, postured to combat the Islamic State in both the Twitter “town square” and the bowels of the deep web.”
Anonymous have declared a “total war” on the terrorist group following the attacks on Paris, and invite the world to show their support.
“[ISIS] does not have hackers like we have hackers,” Poucher expressed, aware of the existence of hackers within the ISIS militant group. “They picked a fight with Anonymous when they attacked Paris, and now they should expect us,” he said, adding that the collective “will not sit by and watch these terror attacks unfold around the world.” The Paris attacks left some 129 people dead and over 300 injured, some still fighting for their lives.


Anonymous Declares War On ISIS, Promises To Hunt Down Paris Attackers

In response to the attacks in Paris that left over a hundred people dead, a group of online hacktivists has launched its biggest operation ever against ISIS. In a chilling video posted soon after the attacks, a man wearing a Guy Fawkes mask warns the Islamic State militants that the group would use its knowledge to “unite humanity” and that the ISIS can “expect us”.
The Anonymous representative addressed the world in French and said:
“These attacks cannot remain unpunished. Anonymous from all over the world will hunt you down. You should know that we will find you and we will not let you go. We will launch the biggest operation ever against you. Expect massive cyber attacks. War is declared. Get prepared.  The French people are stronger than you and will come out of this atrocity even stronger.”

Make no mistake: #Anonymous is at war with #Daesh. We won’t stop opposing #IslamicState. We’re also better hackers. #OpISIS
— Anonymous (@GroupAnon) November 15, 2015
#Anonymous preparing to unleash waves of attacks on IS after #ParisAttacks #OpISIS #OpParis — Anonymous (@YourAnonCentral) November 16, 2015

#BinarySec#OpISIS. Watch every one of your propaganda sites disappear ISIS… When we are done with you there will be nothing left.
— BinarySec -Official- (@TheBinarySec) November 16, 2015

The hackers’ collective, which consists of unrelated volunteers, coders and activists from around the world, launched its anti-Islamic State online campaign, #OpISIS, after the Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris this January. To date, according to an in-depth investigation by Foreign Policy, they have taken down 149 Islamic State-related websites and exposed 101,000 Twitter accounts and 5900 propaganda videos.