Anonymous Launches #OpAnonDown To Avenge Police Killing Of A Masked Anon

On July 17, a Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) officer mercilessly shot and killed a masked Anon outside the Fixx Urban Grill restaurant in Dawson Creek, British Columbia, Canada. RCMP were called to the restaurant around 6:30 p.m. to reports of a man disrupting and damaging property at a BC Hydro open house on the Site C dam project. Hydro had been holding the open house in the banquet facilities of the restaurant to update the public on construction timelines for the $8.8-billion hydro dam on the Peace River. 
"They" are killing Anons now... Guy Fawkes’ Masked Man Dead After RCMP Shooting At BC Hydro Open House
When the police arrived on scene, they encountered a man wearing an Anonymous mask outside the restaurant, a confrontation occurred and officers shot the masked anon. He was taken to hospital where he later died of his wounds. A video of the incident shows two officers standing with their guns drawn over the man, wearing a Guy Fawkes mask synonymous with Anonymous and a grey hoodie, fallen on the ground. Kellie Kilpatrick, spokeswoman for the Independent Investigations Office, said, “Police arrive at the location and they come into contact with a second individual who is unrelated to the original complaint. He is aggressive. He does not follow police commands and he is shot. He is transported to hospital but he does not survive.”  

And we confirm that he was a good and solid Anon, AND a member of First Nation Treaty 8. |@YourAnonCentral

The online hactivist collective Anonymous has vowed to avenge their fallen Anon with the launch of#OpAnonDownThe focus of this Op going forward will be gaining justice (and vengeance if necessary) for our fallen comrade in Dawson Creek. But we will also memorialize our previously slain brethren, and prepare to take action for future Anons killed by police – as we have no doubt they will cut down more of us.

“To begin we will identify the RCMP officer involved, thoroughly dox him – and release that dox on the Internet. Because the world has a right to know every detail about killer cops. We will offer support and raise funds if necessary to cover the burial expenses of our fallen comrade. He will be buried with the honor and dignity that his courage has earned him. We will ensure that he is never forgotten, and takes his place in the growing ledger of brave Anonymous martyrs around the world. Then we will press the RCMP and Canadian government for justice. This RCMP officer must be named, fired, and charged – for the murder of our brother Anon. And if we do not receive justice, rest assured there will be revenge,” the group said in a press release.


Big Pharma Hack: Anonymous Releases Pharma Shill Names

Big Pharma Hack: Anonymous Releases Pharma Shill Names

The online hactivist collective Anonymous recently hacked into the databases of individuals and Facebook pages and revealed that they have all been bought and paid for by Big Pharmaceutical companies.
Here is the first list:
Dorit Reiss
Richard Pan
Paul Offit
Steve Novella
David Gorski
Amanda Peet
Kevin Folta
Neil deGrasse Tyson
Kavin Senapathy
Facebook Groups:
The Skeptics Guide to the Universe
The Spudd
Refutations to Anti-Vaccine Memes
The SkepDick
We Love GMOs and Vaccines
This is the second list:

Bill Nye
Mark Crislip
Barack Obama
Liz Ditz
Steve Novella
Allison Hagood
Sarah Michelle Geller
Mark Zuckerberg
Facebook Groups:
Food Hunk
The Credible Hulk
Skeptical Inquirer
A Science Enthusiast
Skeptical Raptor
Forbes Magazine
Big Pharma is among the United States’ largest political donors, giving $31 million last year to national political candidates. Many of the state lawmakers are also on the industry payroll. To know how Big Pharma is ripping you off, click here.