Anonymous - Happy New Year 2017

Anonymous New Year Message 
Greetings citizens of the world,
Another year has past, now added to the footnotes of history. 2016 taught us many lessons, the courses set fourth before us this previous year have the potential to change the world. 2017 is now upon us, and with it comes new adventures!
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Anonymous - Message to the Albanian Government

Greetings citizens of the world, we are anonymous

The Government of  Albania, It has come to our attention, that despite our continued warnings, you have decided to disregard our requests to assist the people of this country, and have persisted in running a system which only benefits yourselves.

We have asked politely on many occasions that you change your attitude towards leadership, that you serve the country rather than control it, that you maintain the rights and freedoms of citizens. Instead, you have decided to impose worsening austerity measures upon the people of Albania, increasing taxes for citizens and small businesses, adoption of the reform of higher education for students  that favors private universities and destroying public universities.

The situation in Albania is depressing. This small country of Europe is crushed between corruption and extreme unemployment. Many Albanians have lost hope in their place and try every year to seek a future in Germany or other European countries. In the last twenty years, about a quarter of the population has left the country.

You have created a system that is failing day by day. A government composed of murderers, criminals and rapists creates only the destruction of this country. Albanians are fed up with criminals in politics. They want only justice in this country.

You continue to infringe on the fundamental rights and freedoms of the people, attempting to gain access to our private and confidential information. It is now very clear to us that you have no intention of running the country for our people, but you will continue to run it to benefit yourselves.

This system has failed us. We now have homeless people dying on the streets this winter, people unable to support their families. People can no longer afford their education; you keep the elderly in work for much longer, keeping jobs and opportunities for younger people out of reach. The number of unemployed has skyrocketed.

To the Albanian  government, you have made an enemy of Anonymous, you have angered us considerably and we pose a significant threat to you. You disregard the requests of the people and continue to operate for your own selfish gain. Anonymous is not a small group of powerless people to ignore, we are an organised , globally active, collective of like-minded individuals and our message is clear, we declare war on this current system you have imposed on us. Your worst enemy is now your own people. The revolution has begun.
We are Anonymous

We are legion

We do not forgive

We do not forget

Expect us


Anonymous - Operation Expose #OpExpose

To all Concerned and Truth Seekers,

It has come to our attention that our freedoms and rights are now being fully manipulated and taken away by our greedy and corrupted governments. These unconstitutional and unethical methods are being used on our very own people in order to push and pass laws that will eventually lead to us becoming slaves to the corrupted, and continue to feed the greedy hands with money.

Anonymous has come a long way and has gone through many phases. Yet, we are still here and making sure that the people remain safe, free, and most importantly, happy with the daily life we must live in order to provide for our families and loves ones. We can no longer stand the hypocrisy and fallacies that you, the Government, try to feed us every day and yet promise change.

We ask everyone who has been betrayed, punished, stripped of your freedom and rights to stand up as One. Although we may come from different parts of the globe, we will rise as one voice and one voice only. We may be many but this one voice will be louder and will be heard for ages to come.

We must conduct our own research, gather our own intel and expose the very people who are too blind to see the danger of their actions... from false flag operations to domestic injustices and broken promises.

To the governments that portray prosperity and yet steal from us and fail to provide, Expect Us!

Phase I is now initiated. Spread awareness and knowledge to the masses.

Research, Gather, Expose!

Welcome to Operation Expose.
We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.


Anonymous Joins DAPL Fight By Shutting Down Website That Supplies Police With Grenades

Water protectors were injured on Sunday night, so Anonymous had to in turn inflict harm on the grenade providers.
What occurred on Sunday night at the Standing Rock Indian Reservation was a brutal use of force that showed the true colors of the oil companies backing the Dakota Access Pipeline and local police. It’s been clear which side the police have been on from the start, but up until now the assault on protesters has been relatively mild and spread out.
However, on Sunday night, chaos ensued when law enforcement pulled out all the stops in an effort to persuade the protesters to end their fight. Police used rubber bullets, water cannons, and concussion grenades to cause “nonlethal harm” to the water protectors, but the damage inflicted was massive.
Police reportedly shot a 13-year-old girl in the face with rubber bullets, vindictively shot a man at point blank range in the belly button and knee caps with a smile on their face, and caused two elderly tribe members to go into cardiac arrest. They used water cannons to hose down the protesters trying to move past a barricaded bridge and many of them were sent to the hospital for hypothermia because of the subfreezing temperatures.
Concussion grenades are nonlethal explosives that stun victims and leave them without their senses temporarily as it releases a blinding flash of light accompanied by a piercing bang. Though local police deny using them during this attack, evidence of their use has been brought forward by one woman who was critically injured by one. A 21-year-old woman was hit directly in the arm with one, which caused “all of the muscle and soft tissue between her elbow and wrist [to be] blown away,” her father lamented. If her multiple surgeries don’t go away, she will need to have her arm amputated.

Notorious hacktivists Anonymous came forward to aid in the fight against DAPL police by knocking Safariland offline, the website that supplies local law enforcement with tear gas, concussion grenades, and other nonlethal weapons that were used on Sunday night.
The assault on Sunday lasted approximately 6 hours long and injured about 160 people. Unicorn Riot, a volunteer-based media collective that was reporting live when the attack broke out, returned to the scene of the commotion on Monday morning to gather evidence. They found spent munitions shells with markings from Safariland and fragments of Stinger grenades, which police say were not used. They claim that injuries obtained by explosives on that fateful night must have been caused by explosives brought by other protesters.
Anonymous hacktivist DeadSec took credit for the takedown on Twitter and said,   
“TANGO DOWN! Stop selling weapons being used against Water Protectors.”
The user also tagged several accounts, including Unicorn Riot and the No DAPL account. Though moves like this may seem small, hours or even minutes of being offline can harm a business and even cause them to reconsider their involvement in this movement.
What are your thoughts on Sunday’s attack? Please share, like, and comment on this article!


Australian 60 Minutes exposed the Worldwide Pedophile Network

In America and the UK, the Pedophile Network controls high ranking Pedophile politicians, the Major Mass Media, FBI, the CIA and top Law Enforcement.

Note: This article is based on police investigatory reports… personal documented testimony of enraged policemen and women. The story itself has major credibility; and the facts presented here have been corroborated by hundreds of investigators, LE and private in the USA, UK and other nations. — Preston James
This has made it almost impossible to get the truth out to the populace about the presence and penetration of this worldwide Pedophile Network.
Those editors of the major mass media and elected or appointed officials that are not part of it or compromised by it realize that to try and expose it results in an immediate loss of their job, their retirement, and they will be blacklisted and perhaps even have their lives threatened.

Case in point, Tony Blair with his good friend, serial child molester Jimmy Savile

Notwithstanding all these strong suppression forces in the past, not only was the CIA’s Franklin Credit Union pedophile scandal exposed by the Washington Times, but the finders scandal was exposed by US News and World Report.
And, despite those highly public exposures, the Major Mass Media failed to promote those important stories; and the stories died out, with no corrective actions by federal LE, which we now know is dirty to the core, because its own leaders are fully compromised by this Pedophile Network.


Anonymous Just Took Down Website of Company that Sells Concussion Grenades to DAPL Cops

Anonymous suddenly took an active role in the battle against the Dakota Access Pipeline, knocking offline the website of ‘less-than lethal’ weapons manufacturer, — whose tear gas canisters, concussion grenades, and other weapons were used by police against peaceful water protectors in an all-out assault  Sunday night. 

One young water protector, Sophia Walinksy, now faces the possibility of amputation, after one such device exploded point blank on her arm, shredding it down to the bone. A 13-year-old girl was shot in the face with a rubber bullet, and two tribal elders suffered cardiac arrest during the brutal police offensive and had to be resuscitated on scene.
Amid a complete blackout by the negligent corporate media, police from some 20 agencies and five states, led by the Morton County Sheriff’s Department, unleashed an over six-hour assault on water protectors, launching tear gas and concussion grenades, firing rubber bullets, and — perhaps most perilously and insultingly — soaking the captive crowd of around 400 with icy cold water in frigid temperatures.
Walinsky, according to witnesses and a statement via her father, Wayne, had been delivering much-needed water to the group on the Highway 1806 Backwater Bridge when what is believed to be a concussion grenade exploded on her arm, ripping through flesh and muscle, leaving bone exposed.
Beginning early Monday morning, Unicorn Riot, which had been reporting from the bridge overnight, returned to the scene to gather evidence and discovered spent munitions shells with markings from Safariland — including fragments of Stinger grenades.
Anonymous DeadSec, under the Twitter account @AzureDeadSec, took responsibility for taking down the Safariland site, tweeting, with a link to prove the downed site:
“@TMTalways @WorldAnonLegion @UR_Ninja @NoDAPL TANGO DOWN! Stop selling weapons being used against Water Protectors.”
Morton County Sheriff’s Department spokeswoman Maxine Herr hubristically claimed in the Los Angeles Timesthat Walinsky could not possibly have been hit by anything from police, and must have been rigging a makeshift explosive device of her own to receive such an injury.
“It wasn’t from our law enforcement, because we didn’t deploy anything that should have caused that type of damage to her arm,” Herr boldly contended“We’re not sure how her injury was sustained.”
Thanks to Unicorn Riot’s careful inspection of the scene, however, the sheriff’s department appears to be lying through its teeth.
Prior to the DeadSec takedown of the Safariland site, the description of Stinger grenades — identical to the pieces found at the site of the police assault on water protectors — indeed sound as if they would readily cause the horrific injury Walinsky endured:
“The Stinger® OC Grenade is a maximum effect device that delivers four stimuli for psychological and physiological effects: rubber pellets, light, sound, and OC. The Stinger® Grenade is most widely used as a crowd management tool by Law Enforcement and Corrections. The Stinger® Grenade has an initial 1.5 second delay that initiates fuze assembly separation, followed by another .5 second delay before the blast which is sufficient to project the rubber balls and chemical agent in a 50 foot radius.”
If such a grenade landed on the young water protector’s arm, that 50-foot blast radius would be concentrated in a reduced space, and could obviously cause severe injury and disfigurement.
Safariland’s CS gas (tear gas) canisters also littered the area where police launched the altogether disproportionate assault on Standing Rock Sioux and other water protectors, and — again prior to the site being taken offline by Anonymous — described symptoms such as induced panic, and possible cardiac arrest.
Such weapons, though they might be employed by police for crowd control under the broad characterization of less-than lethal, nonetheless can and do maim and even kill.
The Morton County Sheriff’s Department noted one officer received a head wound from a projectile launched by someone in the group of water protectors. However, police at Backwater Bridge launched the offensive from behind body armor, helmets, and riot shields, and were backed by blast-proof military vehicles — water protectors, in marked contrast, had nothing to shield themselves from the onslaught of chemical weapons, projectiles, and lower-intensity water cannons.
Those present in the group reported being choked with tear gas and then inundated with water, freezing clothing to skin almost immediately in the 23° weather. Scores suffered hypothermia, at least 20 water protectors had to be hospitalized, some in serious condition — and more than 165 people reported injuries of varying degrees.
Considering Safariland’s insidious weapons directly contributed to the suffering — and, in one case, permanent disfigurement, if not amputation — of peaceful water protectors whose only goal is to preserve clean drinking water for this and future generations, Anonymous’ takedown of the site makes sense.
Sophia Walinsky is currently enduring multiple surgeries at the Minnesota hospital where she was airlifted in an attempt to preserve her arm, but it still isn’t clear whether that will be possible. A GoFundMe campaign to assist her with medical expenses can be found here — if you are unable to contribute, please consider sharing the campaign.
Standing Rock Sioux water protectors face even tougher times ahead in their battle to halt construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline, with temperatures this winter expected to be even lower than the frosty average. There are many ways you can help them this winter, a list of suggested items to donate and further information can be found here. You can also voice your concerns about police treatment of water protectors by contacting those responsible for the pipeline, and a suggested list can be found here.


Media Silence After DAPL Police Literally Blow Woman’s Arm up with Grenade

(ANTIMEDIANorth Dakota — An unprecedented militarized crackdown took place Sunday night at the construction site of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL), located just outside the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation in North Dakota.
The month-long standoff between Native American “water protectors” and militarized law enforcement saw a dramatic escalation as water cannons, tear gas, rubber bullets, concussion grenades, armored vehicles, and other “less than lethal” weapons were used against the protesters after they cleared an abandoned vehicle that acted as a roadblock on a nearby bridge.
This unprecedented crackdown left hundreds of protesters wounded. According to an official statement from the Standing Rock Medic & Healer Council:
“Approximately 300 injuries were identified, triaged, assessed and treated by our physicians, nurses, paramedics and integrative healers working in collaboration with local emergency response. These 300 injuries were the direct result of excessive force by police over the course of 10 hours. At least 26 seriously injured people had to be evacuated by ambulance to 3 area hospitals.”
Many of the injured suffered from hypothermia after law enforcement doused protesters with water cannons despite sub-freezing temperatures.
But perhaps the most egregious act was when a concussion grenade fired by police struck a woman in the arm, tearing it apart. In photos taken after the incident, bone could be seen where the flesh was blown apart (photos are not included because they are too graphic). Her arm may need to be amputated due to the injuries.
In light of this overwhelmingly violent crackdown by U.S. law enforcement, one would expect the media to be up in arms with their coverage of Standing Rock. I mean, chemical weapons (tear gas), grenades, assault weapons, and street tanks are being deployed against peaceful Americans in America. But the media’s coverage is apathetic. In fact, most outlets are downplaying the violence there.
Here’s a rundown of some of the mainstream news coverage put together by Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting(FAIR):
“The New York Times (11/21/16) gets a failing grade for its headline over a report on escalating police violence against Native American activists and others defending the Missouri River against the Dakota Access Pipeline:
16 Arrested at North Dakota Pipeline Protest
“Sorry, New York Times – when more than 470 people have been arrested opposing the pipeline since August, that’s not the news. Nor did the print edition headline — ‘16 Arrested at North Dakota Pipeline Protest as Tensions Continue’ — add anything.
“No, the news in the story came in the second paragraph, where reporter Jonah Engel Bromwich wrote that ‘officials also defended their use of fire hoses against protesters the night before, despite the below-freezing weather.’
“Perhaps Times editors thought that wasn’t news, because police use of ‘water cannons’ against demonstrators was mentioned in an AP report that ran on the Times website the day before (11/20/16) under the anodyne headline ‘Police, Protesters Face Off at Dakota Access Pipeline.’ If that was the case, editors could have found more pressing information than the arrest count in the eighth paragraph of the latest story:
“Dallas Goldtooth, a spokesman for the Indigenous Environmental Network, said in a phone interview on Monday that the Oceti Sakowin medical team, which had been working in tandem with medics from the Standing Rock Sioux tribe, had reported that nearly 200 people were injured and 12 people were hospitalized for head injuries. One protester went into cardiac arrest and was revived by the medic team, he said.
NPR’s website (11/21/16) likewise reported the story of police violence leading to widespread injuries under an innocuous headline: ‘Police, Protesters Clash Near Dakota Access Pipeline Route,’ as did ABC News (11/21/16) with its ‘Hundreds of Dakota Access Protesters Clash With Police.’ This ‘clash’ framing — also utilized in headlines on CBS(11/20/16) and CNN(11/20/16) — implies a parity between police in military vehicles, employing water cannon, tear gas, pepper spray, rubber-coated bullets and concussion grenades (one of which may have cost an activist her arm), on the one hand, and basically unarmed civilians on the other. (Police say one officer was hit in the head by a thrown rock.)
“The Washington Post (11/21/16) got the news into the headline, but framed it from a police perspective: ‘Police Defend Use of Water Cannons on Dakota Access Protesters in Freezing Weather.’”
As FAIR succinctly concluded:
“One almost gets the sense that editors writing headlines like these have enlisted themselves on the sheriff’s team, waving spectators away with a ‘nothing to see here, folks.’”

This article (Media Silence After DAPL Police Literally Blew Woman’s Arm up with Grenade) is free and open source. You have permission to republish this article under a Creative Commons license with attribution to Nick Bernabe andtheAntiMedia.orgAnti-Media Radio airs weeknights at 11pm Eastern/8pm Pacific. Image credit: Blaise Guerra/YouTube. If you spot a typo, email


CNN shows Reagan Assassination Attempt Video While Reporting On President-Elect Donald Trump

This is extremely distasteful, even for CNN.

They’re talking about the Trump transition, so what was the reason for them showing this clip?
Maybe they want to trigger a psychotic response from some mentally unstable liberal?
Not even remotely subliminal; BOOM, right at ya! SMH


The Take Down of George Soros Has Begun

How a Rogue Alliance Betrayed the Rothschild’s and attempted to hijack the One World Government

George Soros is running out of friends.
With the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States and the BREXIT vote in Great Britain, a pattern is beginning to emerge.  This pattern is indicating that a major take-down of George Soros and his Open Society Foundation, among other organizations, both sub and individual, is in process.  The evidence to support such a claim is difficult to collect and present because of the very nature of such an operation.
Outside of conspiracy sites which promote similar stories, like Putin issuing an arrest warrant for Soros, something which has not yet been proven, real information and evidence is all but impossible to find.  But much ancillary and suggestive evidence is abound.  This evidence is best considered and processed through understanding the mandates and strategies which Soros has been involved in, and has been attempting to influence.
This will be contrasted after against the rising opposition which is represented by the election of Trump and the BREXIT vote.
I won’t waste word space by going into too much detail on these connections, as the internet is full of reliable and validated sources which can be easily googled and found.  We will focus on the broad strokes and obvious connections which make up the larger pattern.
The most obvious is open borders.  George Soros and his hoard of foundations and organizations have been involved in the funding of ISIS and the subsequent migrant crisis which has spread around the world. It has even been suggested that Soros has been involved in the funding of ISIS recruits within America.
The Open Society Foundation, and a host of subsidiary organizations, are now being openly exposed for their anti-Israeli operations.  This could be an attempt to sever Israel’s connections with the United States and isolate the nation internationally.  Why Soros would do this is not immediately obvious, but will be as we explain more.
The western led coup which overthrew the democratically elected government of Ukraine was also influenced by George Soros.  The distain which Soros has for Russia and Putin are well known, but preventing Putin from having control the natural gas flow into Europe through Ukraine was the overriding factor.
Interestingly enough, after the coup the son of VP Joe Biden invested in and sat on the board of a natural gas company in Eastern Ukraine.  The Biden’s are representative of the American establishment and serve the interests of George Soros.  This is how it works.  The establishment use their own to infiltrate and take over business and industry of nations from the inside. Biden’s other son subsequently died of brain cancer.
In addition, Ukraine was getting further absorbed into the Eurasian Union through trade deals with Russia and China.  Removing the support in Kiev was instrumental in preventing all of Europe from being aligned with the larger Eurasian Union mandates.  The BREXIT vote itself represents the interests within Great Britain hedging a geopolitical strategy in case they needed to separate from Europe and remain aligned with North America.
Soros has also been directly involved in the attempted overthrow of Assad in Syria.  There are many reasons for this.  Syria is aligned with Russia, the enemy of Soros.  But Assad also represents a problem for business interest of both Soros and the Clintons, along with others in the American establishment.
The natural gas line which was meant to connect Qatar with Europe, traveling through Saudi Arabia, Syria and Turkey, is the major problem.  This gas pipeline has been invested in by the Clintons and others.  Assad, a friend of Russia and Putin, has refused to have it run through Syria.  Soros and the American establishment require to have this gas line in place to keep Europe from being drawn into the larger Eurasian Union.  The Eurasian Union is an important piece of the developing global governance framework, as is becoming more obvious.
It is also important to understand that Soros has business relations with the House of Saud.  These ties will be further revealed as a deeper investigation into the terror attacks of Sept 11, 2001 commences and the truth is revealed regarding the full nature of the American establishment and its control over both the republican and democrat parties.  It is still my conclusion that 9/11 was an attempt to stop a transformation of the international monetary system in its early stages by using the manufactured event to hijack the global governance process.  This hijacking has now failed.
George Soros has also been instrumental in manipulating western policy towards Russia and China in general.
The NATO buildup on Russia’s borders is taking place at the same time as the attempted coup in Turkey and Ukraine, along the war in Syria. Evidence is now beginning to emerge that both Clinton and Soros had been involved in the coup attempt in Turkey.  Erdogan was beginning to realign the country with Russia, which would have severely affected the interests of Soros, including threatening the route of migrants being forced into Europe.
As for China, the interests of Rothschild, and to a larger extent, the broader international banking interests, have been well represented with the rise of the Asian superpower and its integration into the international monetary system.  China is playing an important role in the removal and replacement of the USD as the international reserve currency.  The SDR of the International Monetary Fund is being groomed for this role with the support of China.
The American delays in implementing the IMF 2010 Quota and Governance Reforms are better understood as the workings of George Soros to hijack the process and prevent the shift away from the USD based unipolar system.  Alternatively, they could be attempting to control the SDR development in order to ensure that the dollar remains as the dominate asset within the subgroup.
Another interesting aspect of what we are reviewing here is the Panama Papers leaks.  The case has been made that George Soros was behind this and the goal was to expose the Rothschild connections throughout the global banking network with the intent of taking control of the global governance process.  This attempted coup against the Rothschild’s and the more hidden international banking powers which they represent, is now collapsing and the backlash could very well be violent.
As stated above, the BREXIT vote was the first obvious counter move against George Soros and his American establishment. This was followed by the election of Donald Trump.  I have covered the connections between Trump and the Rothschild’s in previous articles.
The Trump platform represents a direct attack on the organizations and strategies of George Soros.  Along with BREXIT, Donald Trump will be enacting policies to reduce and stop immigration from terrorist supporting nations.  This can be assumed to be nations that are in alliance with George Soros.
Trump has also openly stated that he will be willing to work with Russia and destroying ISIS and returning stability to the Middle East.  It is my estimate that this will include the removal of the House of Saud and the establishment of a stronger Israel.
The anti-Israel actions of Soros are in direct conflict with the support which Trump states he will be giving to Israel.  The American embassy will even move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.  What this means for the Greater Israel Project is not yet determined.  It can be assumed that any renegotiation between Iran and Trump’s America on the nuclear deal well involve discussions about Israel.  Trump could very well be the first US President, along with Putin, who brings peace to the Middle East.
Such a thing would be a major loss for George Soros.
Trump will also be moving forward with alternatives to NATO.  Russia has now called on Trump to remove NATO troops from its borders.  This will likely happen and correspond with the joint-military action in Syria and throughout the Middle East.
The representatives of the Anglo-American establishment within the European nations are now beginning to understand that a major shift is taking place in the geopolitical world.  Repairing relations with Russia should be at the top of their lists as the Eurasian Union continues to grow in size and scope.  This constitutes another major blow to the interest of George Soros and his companions in the American establishment.
It is becoming increasingly clear that George Soros and those who have used both American political parties are running out of places to hide.  The mainstream media is one of those.  The alternative media, aligned with the larger mandates of global governance will be one of the winners.  I know such a thing may be hard to believe by some readers, but in time you will see.  Empire is always replaced from within.  The seeds of the alternative to the existing empire are planted years and decades in advance.  The placement of Donald Trump and the internet based alternative media are reflective of that.
Soros attempts to reverse the election decision in the US will fail just like his efforts to rig and manipulate things in the lead up to the election.  It should be obvious that this resistance to Soros and the establishment is not just an organic uprising of the people.  There is a power behind this opposition and new sense of nationalism which is guiding the masses.  Soros is attempting to guide his masses.  Two masses resisting each other could mean civil war.  But I don’t think that will happen.  Forces are at work to remove Soros and his web of foundations and organizations both from within and without.
Whether George Soros understood that he was being used as a pawn in a larger game is hard to determine.  The international banking interests, of which the Rothschild’s are only the outer face, have immense power and influence over this world.  George may have been presented with a cleverly crafted opening which his corrupt human nature couldn’t resist.  The development of his mandates and strategies, open border, terrorism, liberal-left socialism, have directly led to the rise of a new form of nationalism.  This new modern nationalism is now being used to herald in the broader framework of the global governance system.
The trend and pattern is clear and from where I sit it is hard to deny.  Keep watching for events in the world that prove what has been written here.  Major war between the world players has been averted but the risk of small regional wars remains.  The chess game is not over and there could still be some causalities on both sides.  The game may have been rigged against Soros and the American establishment from inception.  – JC
Interesting side note.  Some within the American political and media establishment are now switching sides.  Could have been plants all along.