Twitter Shuts Down Anonymous Accounts for Harassing ISIS

In a bizarre turn of events, Twitter is shutting down Anonymous accounts for harassing ISIS. The likelihood of being shut down is in response to complaints being made, according to the Independent.
Up to 125,000 ISIS accounts have so far been shut down on Twitter alone, with Anonymous affiliated accounts claiming for half of those. Since the social media battle was waged on ISIS accounts, Anonymous supporters have assisted in finding and reporting the terrorism related accounts to help stem the terror recruiting that has happened online. But as a response this week, it has been reported that Anonymous affiliated accounts are also being closed down, one by one, with some of the larger #OpISIS supporters silenced.
Twitter hasn’t yet come out with an official reason as to why these accounts have been shut down. But it has also been reported that some are being quickly reinstated after the fact, which could be explained by automated blocks while complaints are investigated, but only when faced with ongoing requests by supporters and account holders.