You Heard Our Name, Now Here Are Our Top 8 Ultimate Hacks

Sometimes Anonymous hacktivists are slightly bigger than what meet the eye. Over the years, Anonymous has grown into an organization and collective that few anticipated – including some fellow Anons.
Anonymous first broke news headlines, exposing their existence on social media networks. As the collective progressed, members of the Anonymous Movement would often be seen with the Guy Fawkes Mask. This suited the movement perfectly, as Anonymous adopted the Guy Fawkes mask in worldwide activities and videos, presenting their demonstration in a no-punches-pulled fashion.
We are living in an age where the governments’ oppression is starting wake the general public, rather than entice it into lethargy. And with such, Anonymous hackers are popping up all over the globe. With several hacktivist groups rising, Anonymous is, without a doubt, the most popular and common hacktivist group of the 21st century. While the vast majority of the attacks that have, are, and will be carried out by Anonymous hacktivists, some would consider their actions nothing more than illegal digital activities.
However, as you know, Anonymous is also synonymous  with actions against opposition, aimed sharply towards the injustice and other raining majorities. Anonymous hacktivists, and other Anonymous members, are dubbed to be the Internet vigilantes by the common general citizen.
From there, I would like to list – in our opinion – the Top 8 Hacks that have been carried out by Anonymous!

Bart Attack (2011)

The BART Attack had been the repercussion and response to the total shutdown of targeted subterranean cellular services from the respective company, in attempts to disrupt protestors organizing after the BART police shooting of a confirmed unarmed passenger. The protestors had completely failed to fully organize their protest due to the BART’s action. With that, our friends “Anonymous” had stepped up and basically said “We will take it from here!”
First thing is first, the hacktivists was able to gain admin access to the then they posted personal information pertaining to names and users’ account passwords. When the company’s spokesperson, Linton Johnson, failed to release a statement saying this was a mistake, Anonymous proceeded to post nude pictures of Linton, online.

Project Chanology Attack (2008)

This Anonymous attack commenced after they discovered misinformation being spread by the Church of Scientology, via censorship on the Internet. Anonymous then proceeded to step in, Google bombing. This method would see the work of Scientology directly linked with ‘cult’, or ‘dangerous’, during a Google search for Scientology. The misleading results helped to inform and awaken those searching, and ‘enlighten’ the world about Scientology’s indoctrination. Scientology proceeded to sue YouTube for one video shown, which Anonymous responded with their own video, gaining over 4 and a half million views.

The Federal Attack (2012)

One of the most popular and largely known file sharing sites, MegaUpload, had been shut down by the FBI. Their reason: Copyright infringement. Naturally, Anonymous retaliated. They performed a “Tit-for-Tat” attack in which they completely shut down the recording industry, as well as the Motion Picture Association of America’s website(s). The speed of these attacks, combined with the center point of these attacks, boosted Anonymous’ reputation ten-fold.

Dark Discovery and Lolita City (2011)

Those familiar with DarkNet have also heard about the well-hidden Wiki. This ‘Wiki’ is a basic guide for the several underground “Black-Market” websites in which support illegal activities hosted on the DarkNet. This specific attack showed the world that Anonymous is not only targeting government agencies or authorities, but also, the DarkNet Wiki. From here Anonymous proceeded to target any and all Child Pornography websites, specifically the well known Lolita City. Lolita City was the location in which the file-sharing websites for multiple pedophiles, visited frequently.
Anonymous publicly announced the names of all 1,589 members of these websites, and made a clear statement that they will not tolerate such activities on the Internet, nor any attacks against children. This particular hacking by the collective demonstrated to the world that Anonymous will go to any ends of the Earth to properly ensure that justice is served, especially where the law officials fail.


Aaron Barr, CEO of HBGarry Federal, had boasted about his cybersecurity firm infiltrating Anonymous; proceeding with a declaration to release Anonymous members’ information, in a conference. Naturally, Anonymous responded with the ultimate checkmate of a move.
HBGarry’s website suddenly resembled that of an Anonymous website, displaying proudly the Anon logo, with a strong message to anyone to think twice before attacking the collective. HBGarry’s phone system was also hijacked, and almost a hundred thousand private email messages were extracted. And it didn’t stop there.
Anonymous’ well constructed plan saw these messages accessed through a public link to Aaron Barr’s Twitter account. The hacked messages revealed information in which HBGarry was going to incriminate WikiLeaks, as well as how the firm Hunton & Williams organized others against WikiLeaks…is this where Anonymous says ‘checkmate?’

Donald Trump’s Website Hack-Attack (2015)

Donald Trump… if ever there was a man to upset Anonymous, it was this guy. Stating that he wanted to see the Muslims excluded from entering the United States, Anonymous, on one cold day, must have stayed in to watch the news. The reaction was almost instant. The Trump Towers Website was shut down for a total of two hours. A well-known twitter account associated with an Anonymous collective broke the news to the world and shortly after, an Anonymous member, via a YouTube clip, asked Donald Trump to think twice before speaking again.

WTO Hack (2015)

Over 2,100 IP addresses, email addresses, phone numbers and other personal details of WTO officials  from the US, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Brazil, India and other nations was hacked and leaked. The WTO hack was done by the same hacker who leaked client data of 2 major Israeli arms dealers. The hacker hacked into the WTO via their, where officials’ personal information was stored.

ISIS Website Attack (2015)

Anonymous-related hack group Ghost Sec was responsible for the take-down of a website in which was copying and distributing information containing ISIS propaganda. After taking control of the site, the group placed a “Calm Down” ad related to an online pharmacy that offered Viagra and Prozac. Also left was the message “Enhance your calm. Too many people are into this ISIS-stuff. Please gaze upon this lovely ad so we can upgrade our infrastructure to give you ISIS content you all do desperately crave.”ISIS, to this day, struggles to avoid Anonymous’ representatives. Why? Because Anonymous is an ideology incorporating the majority, and two, Anonymous has no boundaries.
Ever since the Project Chanology Attack of 2008, Anonymous hacktivists have been increasing their international reputation. Several attacks carried out by Anonymous hacktivists have been applauded en masse, as Anonymous members act out in public interests with their Guy Fawkes mask firmly in place.
We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not Forgive.
We do not Forget.
Expect Us!

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The Doctor Who treated Hillary’s Blood Clots Found Dead

Police are investigating the death of a doctor employed at a Frederick medical office who was the subject of a federal indictment announced last week.
Police were called at about 7:15 a.m. Friday to the American Spine Center at 1050 Key Parkway, where a man employed at the center was apparently unresponsive, said Michele Bowman, a public information coordinator for the Frederick Police Department. Police and emergency medical crews arrived a short time later, but the man was pronounced dead soon after, said Sgt. Andrew Alcorn, a Frederick police supervisor.
Police did not name the employee, but the American Spine Center identified him as 51-year-old Dr. Sandeep Sherlekar in a statement released Friday afternoon.
“The American spine family is deeply saddened to announce the sudden passing of our own Dr. Sandeep Sherlekar on Friday, September 30, 2016,” the statement reads in part. “As a family, we are in a state of shock and grief. We ask that everyone please respect our desire for privacy at this time.”
Sherlekar was a board-certified pain management specialist and anesthesiologist who received his medical degree from Delhi University, according to background information in a lawsuit.
He completed a residency in anesthesia at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences. He then served as the chief resident in anesthesiology at Hahnemann University Hospital in Philadelphia, where he was awarded the Robert Dunning Dripps Memorial Award for Excellence in Patient Care.
No obvious signs of trauma were evident when police arrived, and foul play was not suspected. An autopsy is scheduled for Saturday morning at the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Baltimore, Alcorn said.
A federal grand jury indicted Sherlekar and four other medical professionals on June 28 in a kickback scheme totaling around $1.37 million that was linked to the Frederick-based pain management practice. The indictment was unsealed last week.
Sherlekar’s arraignment was set for Oct. 7, according to online court records.
The other co-founder of the American Spine Center, Dr. Atif Malik, was one of the five indicted. His trial date has not been set.
Sherlakar and Atif Malik filed a lawsuit in 2012 in U.S. District Court of Maryland accusing Chief Executive Officer Muhammad Ahmad Khan and Chief Financial Officer Vic Wadhwa of financial crimes at the American Spine Center.
Khan is now a co-defendant in the kickback case, and Wadhwa, a Frederick resident, has pleaded guilty to soliciting and receiving health care kickbacks. He is awaiting sentencing.
In the civil case, the doctors accused Khan and Wadhwa of conspiring to solicit bribes from vendors and taking money and property from the medical practice.
The newly unsealed criminal indictment, however, accuses the doctors of agreeing to collect kickbacks from vendors in exchange for referring patients to an unnamed laboratory in New Jersey.
The civil case was stayed on Jan. 16 pending legal proceedings.
Sherlekar’s death was reported before the center opened for the day. Police were still trying to determine what happened before his body was found.
“There is video surveillance on the property and we are reviewing that, as well as employee access card swipe records,” Alcorn said of the investigation. “We’re looking at every possible angle and avenue.”
Investigators were aware of the indictments, but Alcorn would not comment on whether the man found dead Friday morning was one of the people named in the indictment.
“He is involved in the federal investigation, I will say that, but I cannot say whether or not he was one of those five individuals named,” Alcorn said. “We’re reaching out with our partners with the FBI to discuss with them possible connections to the indictment.”
As part of Friday’s death investigation, Frederick police seized electronic devices and other evidence from the man’s office, Alcorn said.
Anyone with information about the case was asked to call Detective Gregory Loftis at 301-600-4109.
A sign taped to the front door of the American Spine Center announced that the center was closed Friday due to “unexpected circumstances.”
“We will be open on Monday, October 3, 2016 for normal business operations and will address any and all patient needs at this time,” the center’s statement reads in part.
In the meantime, patients in need of urgent medical attention from the American Spine Center were asked to call 240-629-3939, according to the statement.


Lawsuit Finds Millions Of Uncounted Bernie Sanders Ballots

Masses of uncounted provisional Bernie Sanders ballots found in Santa Clara County alone.
June 2016: In view of the information from polling place workers about Sanders winning by more than a 2 to 1 margin and in view of the removal of 2/3 or more of his votes from the official results, Your News Wire declares Bernie Sanders the landslide winner of the 2016 California Primary Election.
An historic lawsuit has been filed after the widespread cover-up of Sanders’ landslide victory at the primary election some months ago.
The lawsuit will require the counting of all the provisional ballots, millions of which have been left uncounted, which Sanders says gives him a huge win in the state.
Make no mistake, Bernie Sanders supporters lost their ballots, their democratic rights, by the millions on Tuesday.  Now proof is starting to emerge.
The California primary wasn’t an election, it was a coup featuring shady and downright illegal tactics usually associated with dictatorships in undemocratic states – media collusion, voter suppression, fraud, and a system fundamentally rigged in favor of the establishment choice.

Mainstream media fix
Another red flag for undemocratic practice was the odd treatment of the press. While Correct the Record and reporters/hackers from other organizations and media groups promoting Clinton were treated like royalty, members of the press who had gone on record supporting Sanders were often treated with contempt by certain members of the team running logistics at the rallies.
Correct the Record (the PAC paying a million dollars to hackers who put child pornography on Sanders facebook pages and then got them closed down) was given the best filming location in San Pedro after that same prime filming location had been denied to news teams favorable to Sanders.
On election night, several reporters favorable to Sanders commented on how rudely they were being treated. Reginald Hubbard and Jesse Cornett who reportedly threatened some of the mild-mannered, more loyal press with loss of equipment, removal or confiscation of their press credentials (which they had brought with them) and removal of the actual reporters from the event in response to polite questions about the sound arrangements.
Most of the pro-Sanders reporters were placed on a riser near distorted speakers and denied access to the event’s sound boxes they had been promised and which were provided for other media.
One reporter, a very sweet woman, who had been traveling on a bus following the candidate, seemed to disappear from the event after she reported that she had been rudely treated by these same staff people prior to the speech.
The fix was in before the primary. An instructional video for poll workers told them to give provisional ballots to NPP voters, official conduct that would have been illegal in California. AP joined in the effort to try to fix the election by calling the nomination for Clinton the night before the election when AP knew or should have known that Clinton did not have enough pledged delegates and would not have enough on June 7th to be the nominee. This appears to have been part of the overall attempt to suppress the vote. As Sanders has repeatedly pointed out:
“If there is a large turnout we will win. If there is a very large turnout we will win huge. If there is a low turnout, we will lose.”
In spite of AP’s false call, the actual turnout was very large and, but for the suppression, the evidence supports the theory that Sanders would have won by a very wide margin.


Hacker To Release ‘Racist Hillary’ Video Tape

A hacker from the 4chan message board claims to possess a tape of Hillary Clinton making vile racist remarks about an African-American woman.
The hacker, who has a very good track record, had previously released John Podesta emails and says he also has thousands of deleted Hillary Clinton emails that he’ll release before November 1st.

All 33k deleted Emails are going to be released by November 1st. probably in 4 – 5 sets. these emails are going to be the complete undoing of the Democratic Party. We are purposely holding them back so they cannot have time to replace Hillary,” the hacker claims.
Hackers (w/ good track record) are claiming Hillary’s racist tape is going to do a lot more damage than Trump’s tape. reports:
He goes on to promise that no less than six embarrassing videos will be released, including one, “that documents Hillary slandering and being racist against a Female African American. The amount of hatred seen on her face for their community will be worse than 100 TrumpTapes.”
The individual also comments on the Podesta emails, noting that “we are saving the best for last”.
“I can confirm rotten Hillary’s 33,000 emails have been obtained. Word is it will be a “November surprise.” Wow, something new every day!” claimed author Mike Cernovich in response to the post.
The normal rule for these kind of claims is that when it sounds too good to be true, it’s probably not true, so don’t hold your breath.
However, major scandals have emerged from message boards in recent months, including most notably the ‘Stonetear’ controversy, when Paul Combetta asked Reddit how to delete emails for a “very VIP” client (Hillary Clinton), before the posts were scrubbed.
Back in July, a person claiming to be an FBI agent also posted claims on 4chan that caused a lot of buzz at the time.