Anonymous - Message to the Albanian Government

Greetings citizens of the world, we are anonymous

The Government of  Albania, It has come to our attention, that despite our continued warnings, you have decided to disregard our requests to assist the people of this country, and have persisted in running a system which only benefits yourselves.

We have asked politely on many occasions that you change your attitude towards leadership, that you serve the country rather than control it, that you maintain the rights and freedoms of citizens. Instead, you have decided to impose worsening austerity measures upon the people of Albania, increasing taxes for citizens and small businesses, adoption of the reform of higher education for students  that favors private universities and destroying public universities.

The situation in Albania is depressing. This small country of Europe is crushed between corruption and extreme unemployment. Many Albanians have lost hope in their place and try every year to seek a future in Germany or other European countries. In the last twenty years, about a quarter of the population has left the country.

You have created a system that is failing day by day. A government composed of murderers, criminals and rapists creates only the destruction of this country. Albanians are fed up with criminals in politics. They want only justice in this country.

You continue to infringe on the fundamental rights and freedoms of the people, attempting to gain access to our private and confidential information. It is now very clear to us that you have no intention of running the country for our people, but you will continue to run it to benefit yourselves.

This system has failed us. We now have homeless people dying on the streets this winter, people unable to support their families. People can no longer afford their education; you keep the elderly in work for much longer, keeping jobs and opportunities for younger people out of reach. The number of unemployed has skyrocketed.

To the Albanian  government, you have made an enemy of Anonymous, you have angered us considerably and we pose a significant threat to you. You disregard the requests of the people and continue to operate for your own selfish gain. Anonymous is not a small group of powerless people to ignore, we are an organised , globally active, collective of like-minded individuals and our message is clear, we declare war on this current system you have imposed on us. Your worst enemy is now your own people. The revolution has begun.
We are Anonymous

We are legion

We do not forgive

We do not forget

Expect us